My first question recived!

The question is:
Why arent guys as eager to talk to a girl? Girls are always sitting and waiting to get a text or any sign of life from the guy while guys, it feels like, just dont mind that stuff.

My answer:
Im guessing you're talking about someone you're currently dating or have some sort of pre-relationship status with?
The thing is, its very psychological these days. There are alot of books on how to pick up girls, what mindgames to play etc. I know for a fact, that guys are using the "hard to get" strategy more and more nowdays. Who says that he is not on the other end waiting for a text or a call just as you are? Usually he's just playing games with you, but that doesnt always have to be the case. He might just simply not be interested. What you should do is to confront him about it, not in a whiny way but just try and get suttle answer out of him.
Tell me how it works out. Good luck!


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